After In Site Compression, 2018

After In Site Compression, 2018, The following images depict views of the video installation, dimensions variables, N. Kessanlis exhibition Centre,
Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA), Athens

The ephemeral character of In Site Compression, as both literal construction and situation that require the participation of the viewers for completion, predicts its future absence from the site for which it was initially designed.

The experiences of the initial installation are irrecoverable, like the sense of bodily confinement in the space between the volumes and gallery walls of In Site Compression. These effects may be counterbalanced by the constantly shifting shadows of viewers projected onto the surfaces of After In Site Compression, 2018, which, by coinciding with one another, make the experience of sharing the space with others more palpable and involving.

or the noise of the deconstruction of the PP wallpaper in the corridor part of In Site Compression.